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How to update single pages by uploading PDF files

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How to update single pages by uploading PDF files

Sometimes after uploading and converting pdf you want to update one or more pages in live edition. Using Magazine Control Panel you can easily update any page in digital edition.

  1. To extract pages, open the pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Professional. Open Pages panel, right click on page and select Extract Pages.
    Please note: You can extract single pages from your design software like Adobe Indesign. We are using Adobe Acrobat Pro for our example.
  2. Click OK button.
  3. Save extracted page and give it a name. Since page was at index 6 so we will save it as page6.pdf
  4. To update single pages, login to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password.
  5. Click on Page Settings
  6. Click on Upload link for Page 4 (Page at index 6)
    1. You can preview existing page and verify with the page you are uploading.
    2. You can also read page title and verify that you are uploading page at index 6 (Page # 4 in pdf)
    3. Click Choose File and upload page6.pdf
  7. Page conversion progress is displayed which takes around 1-2 seconds.
  8. Clear browser's cache to view updated page in digital edition.
  9. You can easily view editions on any browser on PC, Mac or mobile browser like safari on iphone or download Stallion Publishers Preview app.

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