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How to change page titles displayed in digital edition

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How to change page titles displayed in digital edition

Page titles are displayed in web editions (Flash and HTML5) and also in mobile edition for iTunes. By default page labels will display as Page 1, Page 2,... You can change page title of any text.

  1. Here is an example from web edition. Page titles are displayed on top of screen.
  2. Here is an example from iPad magazine app. Page titles are displayed above scrolling pages which are displayed for approximately 3 seconds after page is displayed and then disappear.
  3. To change page titles, login to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password.
  4. Click on Page Settings
  5. In our example PDF file, page number 1 is at page index 3. We will now automatically adjust page numbers starting from page at index 3.
  6. First select starting page 3. Then select second last page (page 39 in our example magazine).
  7. Click on Save Page Titles
  8. Page numbers now start from page at index 3 which matches page numbers in PDF.
    • For web edition, you just need to click on refresh button.
    • For native app for iPhone & iPad edition, you will need to delete edition and download again to review. It is good practice to review web edition before downloading edition on device.

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