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How to add Web Links

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How to add Web Links

After uploading pdf file in your account you can preview edition in any web browser including mobile browsers like safari.

  1. Login to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password.
  2. Click on Links Tool to add hyperlinks on any page
  3. Click on Go Full Screen to open Links Tool in full screen mode
  4. With your mouse click to drag and drop Hyperlink object on your page
    1. With each hyperlink four handles will appear. You can click and drag each handle to adjust the size of hyperlink rectangle.
    2. You can also click and drag hyperlink rectangle to adjust x and y position on page.
    1. Click on hyperlink rectangle to display Webiste Link Properties panel.
    2. Type your hyperlink in External Website Link text box
    3. If you want to hide long hyperlinks on links mouse-over on web edition, you can add Tooltip text.
  5. Here is the complete web link with optional Tooltip text
  6. Save the changes.
  7. Click on Preview to see new hyperlinks in digital edition.

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