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How to add Video

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How to add Video

After uploading pdf file in your account you can preview edition in any web browser including mobile browsers like safari.

  1. Login to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password.
  2. Click on Links Tool to add video on any page
  3. Click on Go Full Screen to open Links Tool in full screen mode
  4. Select page where you want to add video
  5. Drag and drop play icon on the page
    1. Drag and drop Youtube object on top of play button and adjust the size of rectangle
    2. Click on Youtube rectangle area to display Youtube Video Properties panel
  6. Go to youtube.com and open video. Select video URL from address bar, right click and copy.
    1. When you will copy full video url, our system will detect video ID and add it for you.
    2. Or you can copy video ID from address bar of your browser. See below!
  7. Save Changes
  8. If you have read the following tutorials, you can skip to the next step and view video on iPhone or iPad.
    1. How to preview editions on any browser on PC on mobile safari
    2. Download Stallion Preview app from iTunes for your account on Magazine Control Panel
    3. How to preview editions on native mobile app using Stallion Preview app
  9. Video will play in full screen mode on your iPhone and iPad app for iTunes.

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