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How to update complete PDF using PDF Manager

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How to update complete PDF using PDF Manager

If you would like to replace complete PDF of any edition, just follow these steps.

  1. Login to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password.
  2. To upload and replace complete pdf, click on PDF Manager button.
  3. Click on Upload New Version link
  4. Click on Choose File to select new PDF and click on Upload PDF File button.
  5. You will see upload progress bar.
  6. Before processing new PDF, click on Make Default check box and click on Save Changes button. This will save new PDF file as default PDF for re-processing.
  7. You will see status of new button has changed to Locked and Re-Process PDF link will be visible. Click on Re-Process PDF link to re-process pdf.
  8. Re-process PDF link will give you the following options:

    • Process pages for web edition: Select this if you would like recreate pages for web edition.
    • Recreate page thumbnails: Select this to re-generate all thumbnails and preview images.
    • Recreate hyperlinks from PDF file: Keep this unchecked if you want to keep hyperlinks you created using Links Tool in earlier version. Selecting this option will delete all previous links and re-generate all links and bookmarks from new PDF.
    • Extract text from PDF for search engine indexing and keyword searching within edition: Select this to regenerate search index. This will replace all previous search text with new text from PDF.

    If you want to re-process everything from new PDF (links, pages, text, images), then select all checkboxes and click on Re-process PDF File button.

  9. For demo purpose, let's select first two check boxes and click on Re-Process PDF File button.
  10. You will notice first and last processes are skipped.
  11. After reprocessing new PDF you will be redirected control panel. If your thumbnail is not displaying new changes, hit Control + f5 on keyboard or clear browser cache.
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