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How to optimize PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Distiller

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How to optimize PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Distiller

If you don't have access to original source files (e.g. adobe indesign files) and you only have high-resolution PDF file, you can easily compress high-resolution pdf file using Adobe Acrobat Professional and adobe distiller. When you install Adobe Acrobat Professional version, distiller is automatically installed with it.

You will need to download Stallion PDF Presets to complete this tutorial:

  1. Download Stallion PDF Presets

Here are the steps to optimize PDF:

  1. Open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Go to File > Save As to open Save As dialog box.
  2. Select PostScript(*.ps) in "Save as type" and type new name for .ps file.
  3. Your postscript (*.ps) file will be saved along with original PDF. Make sure the name of post script file is different from the original PDF file. If both names are same, it will overwrite original PDF file.
  4. Open Adobe Distiller application from your desktop.
  5. Using distiller, go to Settings > Add PDF Settings.
  6. Select Stallion-PDF-Preset.joboptions to load best settings. You can download Stallion-PDF-Preset here
  7. File > Open > Select post script file (my-postscript-file.ps)
  8. Distiller process will automatically start and optimized pdf file will be saved in same folder.
  9. New optimized pdf file is saved. You can see the file size has reduced from 62 MB to 11 MB
  10. You can upload this optimized pdf file on Magazine Control Panel for conversion or you can further use Acrobat Pro for the following tasks:
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    2. How to match PDF page numbers with print page numbers and table of contents page links using acrobat pro
    3. Add table of contents using Adobe Acrobat Professional

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