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How to match PDF page numbers with print page numbers and add page links on TOC page

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How to match PDF page numbers with print page numbers and add page links on TOC page

Matching page numbers in PDF with Print page numbers will save your time when adding page links on Table of Contents page. Please follow these steps.
Please Note: You can skip this tutorial if page numbers in your pdf file start from page at index 1.

  1. Download and open sample PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Professional. Go to Page # 4. You can see in the screenshot below page numbers in Pages panel do not match with page number in PDF.
  2. Page at index 3 is page#1 in pdf. So we select first two pages (shift + select on windows), right click on selected pages and select Page Numbers option from the menu.
  3. In Page Numbers dialog box in Numbering section select Style 1,2,3..., Type 'C' in Prefix and Type 1 in Start text box and hit OK button.
  4. You will notice first two pages are labeled as C1 and C2 and now page numbers start from page at index 3 which matches page numbers in PDF.
  5. Now select Table of Contents page (Page 1 in sample PDF), then select Marquee tool from Advanced Editing toolbar and click and drag to draw a page link on # 4 as screenshot below.
  6. Create Link dialog box will appear. Select Invisible Rectangle Link Type and select Go to a page view option and hit Next button.
  7. Create Go to View dialog will appear. Now you can click and drag scrollbar and select page number 4 in our PDF (page at index 6) and click Set Link. This will connect new link on TOC page with page # 4 (page at index 6).
  8. To manually change page number, double click on link to open Link Properties dialog box. Go to Actions tab, click on Edit button, type in page number and hit OK.

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