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Miscellaneous Settings

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Miscellaneous Settings

You can control almost every element on app home screen page.

  1. To change settings on app home screen page, login to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password.
  2. Click on App Home Screen
  1. Add App Logo

    1. You can upload large logo for app home screen and small logo for library screen on iPad app
    2. Uploaded logos are displayed here
    3. On app home screen and library screen, logo is displayed on top of the screen
  2. Select Custom Cover for Home Screen

      1. You can change default ribbon text on cover.
      2. You can also display different edition on app home screen. To change edition, select Latest Cover drop menu.
    1. Ribbon text change is instantly displayed on iPad
  3. Featured Articles for Selected Edition

    1. You can display featured articles from latest editions
    2. Updated featured articles are displayed on iPad
  4. Miscellaneous Settings

    1. Hide or display Push notification, Settings and More Info buttons on app