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Add small and large web buttons

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Add small and large web buttons

You can add small and large tiles or web buttons on app home screen. You can tap these buttons to open web pages in in-app web browser.

  1. You can add up to four large web buttons and nine small web buttons.
  2. To add web buttons on app home screen page, login to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password.
  3. Click on App Home Screen
  4. To add large or small web buttons click on checkbox to display button settings
    • Label: Label is displayed on large button
    • Label Color: Change label color
    • Open in Default Mobile Browser: Select this if you want to open web link in default browser of mobile like safari. By default all links will open in in-app browser.
    • Web Link: Add link address in Web Link text box
    • Background Color: Change background color of large button
    • Background Image: You can add image in background of large button
    • Select Icon: Add a transparent icon at bottom-right of large button
  5. In screenshot below, you can see how button values are reflected on your device.
  6. Click on Save Large Tile Button Settings to save changes
  7. Using settings above, you can add remaining large and small tiles easily. Here are few examples from our client's apps. In some examples our clients have used images in background of large tiles and custom icons for large and small web buttons.
  8. App Home Screen Example 1
  9. App Home Screen Example 2
  10. App Home Screen Example 3
  11. App Home Screen Example 4
  12. App Home Screen Example 5

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