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Managing Subscribers on local database

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Managing Subscribers on local database

You can protect your editions with passwords and restrict access to registered subscribers. Here is how you can do this.

  1. To protect your edition with password and to create local subscribers, login to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password.
  2. First create password protected edition. Click on Edit link to change Public Mode to Private Mode.
  3. Select Private from Public or Private drop down menu and click on save button at the bottom of this page.
  4. Click on Preview link to view digital edition
  5. After changing edition mode from public to private, when readers will access web edition or mobile edition, they will need to type login and password to view edition.
  6. Now we will go back to control panel and add new subscriber
  7. Click on Manage Subscribers
  8. Click on Add New Subscriber
  9. Type email and password then click on Add New Subscriber button
    1. Click on View Subscribers List to view all subscribers. Subscriber can either login with Email ID or Short Login ID
    2. You can edit or delete any subscriber.
  10. If you want to upload multiple subscribers, you can do this by uploading subscribers database in CSV format. Click on Upload Subscribers List for bulk upload.
  11. Click on Preview link to view digital edition
  12. Login as new subscriber. Type login and password to access digital edition.

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