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How to send simple push notification using control panel

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How to send simple push notification using control panel

Push notification allows an app to notify you of new messages or events without the need to actually open the application, similar to how a text message will make a sound and pop up on your screen. This is a great way for apps to interact with us in the background. You can send push notifications to notify all your readers about your new editions, any event or news.

  1. To send simple text based push notification, login to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password.
  2. Click on Send Push Notification Now link
    1. Select a number which will be displayed with app icon on mobile home screen. See the example in screenshot below.
    2. Type your message in Notification Message text box.
    3. Click on Send Push Notification to All Mobile Devices button
  3. Push notification will be displayed like this on iPad.
  4. Simple push notifications are included in mobile app package. If you are interested in advanced rich push notifications, we can integrate urban airship with your magazine. You will need to sign up for urban airship account to send rich push notifications.
    Please note: Urban airship is 3rd party service. Please contact urban airship for pricing and related information.

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