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How to bulk-upload text articles

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How to bulk-upload text articles

Instead of uploading text articles for each page, you can bulk-upload articles with single click. Here is how you can do it.

  1. To add text articles in any edition, login to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password.
  2. Click on Text Articles.
    1. Click on Upload Bulk Articles
    2. Right click on RTF File Template and save Sample RTF File with empty articles on your drive
  3. Save Articles Template.rtf file on your drive.
    Please Note: You can open and edit rtf file in Microsoft Word app
  4. Now we will copy text for page # 4. Open article-page-4.docx
  5. Select all text, right click and select copy text
    1. Each article will start with red bold text: <#!#title= Article Title and end with red bold text: <#!#endArticle#!#>. Paste copied text in between these tags.
    2. Select default text and paste copied text here
    1. Paste copied article for page 4 here
    2. Add article title and page number according to screenshot below
    3. For multiple pages, seperate page numbers with comma. Example:
    4. Note: Page number must be page index number from PDF
  6. For multiple page article, type comma seperated page numbers without spaces.
  7. After adding all text articles in .rtf file, upload the file.
  8. All three articles are added from rtf file and automatically linked to correct page numbers.
  9. Click on Preview HTML5
  10. Go to Page # 4. Click on Text Mode button to view text article.
  11. Text article is displayed in digital edition.

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