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How to create free Magazine app (You don't need Apple developer account)

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How to create free Magazine app (You don't need Apple developer account)

If you are offering free of cost editions to your readers, you can launch free magazine app for Apple AppStore. Here is how you can do it.

  1. First Sign Up to get 14 day free trial access to Stallion Publishers Magazine Control Panel.
  2. Sign in to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password and upload your PDF editions.

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  3. Download Stallion Publishers magazine preview app to view trial editions on native mobile app for iPhone & iPad

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  4. Email required graphics and icons to your assigned account manager.

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  5. Our team will build your native app and get it approved from Apple app review team. App review process takes 7-15 days.
  6. Your app will be uploaded in our Apple developer account.
  7. Continue reading if you own a developer account.

  8. If you already have Apple Developer Account we can upload app in your account. You will need provide us admin access by adding your account manager's email as admin in your Apple Developer Account.
    If you are interested in your own developer account, you can click here to compare available Apple's Memberships.

    Adding Team Admins and Members

    1. Sign in to your account on Apple Developer Account
    2. If you are a team admin, add people to your development team through the Member Center. When you add a person to your team, you can grant them access to the developer programs that your team is enrolled in.
    3. In Member Center, click People in the bar at the top.
    4. Click Invitations in the sidebar.
    5. Click Invite Person and provide the first name, last name, and email address.
    6. Specify the person’s access and role for each program.
    7. Click Send Invitation.
  9. We will also require access to http://itunesconnect.apple.com. Click here to learn how to manage teams on itunes connect.

Create Magazine App for Apple iTunes

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