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How to add Table of Contents

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How to add Table of Contents

With Table of Contents menu or bookmarks menu in web edition and native iPhone & iPad app you can access hot topics easily with single click or single tap on mobile devices. After uploading PDF file you can add, update or delete topics in Table of Contents menu.

  1. Before uploading pdf file you can add table of contents using Adobe Acrobat Professional
  2. To add Table of Contents menu in digital edition, login to Magazine Control Panel with your Login ID (Email) and password.
  3. Click on Table of Contents link
  4. You can add new topics or select and delete any topic from Table of Contents menu.
  5. You can click and drag topics up or down to change position. You can also create one level deep tree view of topics. Simply drag and drop one topic in to another to create a branch.
  6. Table of Contents on iPad app are displayed like image below.
  7. You can easily view editions on any browser on PC, Mac or mobile browser like safari on iphone or download Stallion Publishers Preview app.

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