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Introduction to Magazine Control Panel

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Introduction to Magazine Control Panel

Introducing Magazine Control Panel brought to you by Stallion Publishers. With Magazine Control Panel you can easily convert any PDF publication to digital edition and launch native iPhone & iPad app for Apple iTunes.

Types of publications you can upload:

  • Magazines
  • Product catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Reading manuals
  • Marketing collateral
  • Hotel Menus

The following modules are available in Magazine Control Panel:

PDF Upload and Conversion:

You can upload new PDF editions or replace full PDF file or even single pages in any edition. Each PDF will instantly convert to digital edition in 2-5 minutes. In couple of minutes you will be able to preview your edition in web browser or native app for iPhone & iPad and start adding hyperlinks and videos on any page.

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Edition Preview:

After uploading and conversion of pdf, you can view edition using standard web browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer etc. You can also preview edition on Stallion Preview app.

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Links Tool:

'Links Tool' is a powerful built-in module to add Web Links on product pictures, advertisements or any text or paragraph, add Videos from Youtube or custom mov video, add mp3 audio and flickr photo gallery in any page of your publication.

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Push Notifications:

You can send push notifications to all readers with single click.

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Production Settings:

Here you can change title of your edition, change small description for search engines and app, protect your digital editions with password by changing status from public to private and more..

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Page Settings:

Page Settings will give you control at page level. You can replace single pages, change page title or edit searchable text for each page.

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Table of Contents:

You can create nice clickable scrolling list of all hot topics from your publications. Readers can click these links and jump to different pages.

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Embed HTML Code:

Embed your edition into your own website or blog easily. Magazine control panel will provide you embed code for all your editions.

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Color Themes:

Easily change color theme pdf web edition viewer or your native app layout.

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DRM Settings:

Digital Rights Managements (DRM) module will let you protect PDF files with password.

SEO Settings:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Settings will give you detailed overview of all pages for each web edition and you can learn how your editions will be crawled by search engine spiders like Google.

Upload Custom JavaScript for Web Editions:

You can execute any JavaScript with each web edition. Example: tracking scripts

PDF Manager:

With PDF manager, you can easily replace and re-process full pdf file for your editions.

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Text Articles:

Apart from standard full color magazine, you can add text-based articles for easy reading using Text Articles module.

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Preview Pages:

When browsing your editions on mobile app, readers might want to preview some pages of your editions before buying. You can select custom preview pages from each edition.

Tracking with Google Analytics:

You can track your readers behavior with the power of Google Analytics tracking.

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Push Edition Updates:

If you have made any update to existing edition, You can notify your readers with push notification or silently using Push Edition Updates module.

App Home Screen:

App Home Screen module let you create a social hub which is displayed on app launch.

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Manage Subscribers:

Easily manage subscribers for private password protected editions or connect to remote subscribers database (hosted on your own server) with Manage Subscribers module.

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Re-order Editions:

Easily change the order of your editions on mobile app.

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