"Digital Magazine Fundamentals", Training Series

Learn how to use our Magazine Control Panel to create stunning web editions and magazine app for iTunes App Store


Digital Magazine Fundamentals training series consists of multiple parts targeting users with different degrees of knowledge. Each training module contain a step-by-step manual with product screenshots and project files for hands-on practice.

  1. Introduction to Magazine Control Panel
  2. Different ways to create PDF
  3. Optimize PDF before uploading
    1. How to export optimized PDF from adobe In-design
    2. How to optimize PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Distiller
    3. How to add external web link using Adobe Acrobat Professional
    4. How to match PDF page numbers with print page numbers and add page links on TOC page
    5. Add table of contents using Adobe Acrobat Professional
  4. Uploading PDF files on Magazine Control Panel
    1. How to Upload PDF for new edition
    2. How to update full PDF using PDF Manager
    3. How to update single pages from Page Settings
  5. Preview digital editions
    1. How to preview editions on any browser on PC on mobile safari
    2. Download Stallion Preview app from iTunes for your account on Magazine Control Panel
    3. How to preview editions on native mobile app using Stallion Preview app
  6. Digital Edition Content Enhancement. Using Links Tool to add interactive elements in digital edition.
    1. How to add Web Links
    2. How to add Video
    3. How to add flickr photo gallery
  7. How to re-order editions
  8. Production Settings in Magazine Control Panel
    1. How to change edition title and description
    2. How to add your logo in Web Editions
    3. How to make edition Public or Private (Password protecting editions)
    4. How to use other options in Production Settings
  9. Using Page Settings
    1. How to change page titles displayed in digital edition
    2. How to update single pages by uploading PDF files
    3. How to re-process pages to fix rendering issues in web edition
    4. How to update keywords searchable text
  10. How to add Table of Contents
  11. Embed web edition in your website using HTML Embed Codes
  12. How to change Color Themes
    1. Color theme for web edition
    2. Color theme for mobile app
  13. How to create iPhone & iPad Magazine app for iTunes
    1. First sign up for 14 days free trial account on Stallion Publishers Magazine Control Panel
    2. Download Stallion (Magazine preview app) to view trial editions on native iPhone & iPad app for iTunes
    3. How to create free Magazine app (You don't need Apple developer account)
    4. How to sell editions on iTunes (Create Apple developer account)
    5. How to push edition to your app and create digital archive
    6. How to add in-app purchases
    7. How to add yearly subscription
  14. Using Text Articles
    1. Adding text articles in digital editions for mobile devices
    2. How to bulk-upload text articles for mobile devices
  15. Google Analytics Tracking
    1. How to add Google Analytics code for web editions
    2. How to add Google Analytics code for mobile app
    3. How to add single pages for tracking
    4. How to view Google Analytics report
  16. Push Notifications
    1. How to send simple push notification using control panel
    2. How to send rich push notification with Urban Airship
  17. Subscriber Management
    1. Managing Subscribers on local database
    2. Connect with subscribers database on remote server or your website
  18. Customize App Home Screen
    1. Miscellaneous Settings for App Home Screen
    2. Add Video on App Home Screen
    3. Add small and large web buttons on App Home Screen
    4. Skip app home screen on app launch
  19. Add custom JavaScript in web editions

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